"After a charming, timid greeting, they rolled into a stunning version of Les Zep's "Going to California." The audience's enthusiastic response warmed them up, and they picked up steam, bantering and joking between tracks from their latest release, "Stella What's-Her-Name", along with new tunes like "Jam in C" and a cover of the Beatles' "Another Girl" that sounded like the Fab Four had come back from the dead (or at least came out of hiding) for a reunion. The standout by far was "Funky Blue House", a rousing, funky (as the name suggests) song that ended the set on a high note that was difficult to top."
-- Aimee Spanier, "Kuumbwa Jazz Center" (Santa Cruz)

"Stellavision serves up streamlined alternative pop rock" ... "[their] sound is punchy and poppy, with hooks you'll remember and grooves you'll have no trouble dancing to." - Pat Berkery, CDNow Cosmic Music Network (Featured as Favorite Artist in Dec '99)

"This [Funky Blue House] sticks in your mind. Great groove- great song- great musicians!"

"It is good honest rock, which is sorely missing these days ... I salute this"

"Very interesting sound. The guitarist provides something fresh and interesting... a definite listen is needed to this piece."

"Smooth Brew! A surprise! Conscious lyrics.. brave and different rhythm guitar.. brewed to a smooth stew by the rest of the band."

"Good mellow pop crafting, nicely built harmonies."

Stellavision spent 3 weeks ranked in the top 5 on (determined by reviews from bands and fans).

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