now here, the new stellavision album... M O X I E

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1. Porch Light
2. Interrupt
3. Stand Apart
4. Follow Me Home
5. Avalanche
6. Busy, Pretty Waitress
7. Strangers
8. Carry You Away
9. Blue Letter
10. Paint That S
11. Brylcreem

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You can buy it at CD Baby or iTunes and also view this flash promo.

Also Check out this a little movie documenting our appearance on BayTV's "The Show"

previous release: stella what's-her-name

title time full
solar 4:49 yes real mp3
throwing stones 4:04 real
the lecture 3:41 real
trouble 3:49 yes real mp3
bad time 2:56
driven 4:52
inkwell 3:49
funky blue house 3:48 yes real mp3
savannah 3:59
kicking gustav 5:03
subside 5:51
joined the circus 5:21

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funky blue house video!
funky blue house live @ slim's 12/16/99
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